"This is a heartfelt THANK YOU for the mentoring role you played in my journey as a student coach. This has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Your direct and calm manner guided me to focus on the important aspects of this journey. You were completely present to my listening and to my thinking and feeling. I can say, you GOT me. Thank you for the constructive feedback and your calm nature that nurtured my growth. Thank you for your time and for your presence and your insights.
I am immensely grateful for the role you have played in my journey."

Tove Sithole
Learning and Talent Development

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for impacting my life and growth in the way that that you did. As a coach you were able to guide me in way that made me a better version of myself. You have a genuine passion of helping others to believe in themselves and a way of making them seeing what you see in them.

What I really enjoyed about you is that you do not miss an opportunity to coach, you always are ready to encourage and lift one up with your coaching wisdom.

Thank you for touching my life in the way that you did, always giving honest feedback that builds and grow a person."

Phyllis Tsheole
L & D Manager

"Christine has been invaluable in my personal development, thought process and decision making in my career. She brings strategy, provokes thoughts and celebrates milestones with me.

Christine has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. She has provided me with all the resources, tactics, and application guidance I need to manage stress, respond to situations professionally and view situations from a completely new angle that supports me in a way that I have never been able to see or implement.

Working with Christine has provided me with an irrevocable amount of possibilities and opportunity as well as increased knowledge on how to situate myself in all interactions. I enjoyed being pleasantly met every single time that we connected and she displayed a genuine interest in each interaction.

Christine, you opened up valuable new perspectives, you inspired me and enabled me to see a road full of solutions ahead, thank you!"

Lorinda Mostert
Key Accounts Manager

"Christine was allocated to me as an assessor for the Consciousness Coaching diploma. When I started my journey with her, I did not have confidence in trusting that I would be able to guide my clients in their coaching sessions. I was terrified to be assessed by someone physically listening to my coaching sessions. From my first encounter with Christine, she made me feel comfortable and she really helped me to get past the fear that I had, with her gentle yet focused and honest upbuilding feedback approach. She assisted me in gaining confidence in my ability and continued to believe in me and coached me to be curious, present and fully engaged in each session.

I enjoyed the feedback sessions as they were non- judgemental, and focused on my strengths and own unique way of coaching. Her guidance and focus in our sessions, was to guide me in finding my own way of coaching, never losing the essence of what I bring into the session – allowing me to be who I am. She also took time to introduce and explain new concepts to me, which in turn has been of great benefit to my clients. Her guidance and support have assisted me tremendously and has given my confidence in coaching a huge boost.

Thanks Christine, I am thankful for you being part of my journey and guiding me to be the best coach I can be without doubting my own ability. You taught me to embrace what I have, always be curious and to trust my gut as well as to be bold and brave in order to guide my clients to create awareness and possibilities for them. I will forever treasure the experience and will definitely refer others in the same situation."

Stephanie Steenkamp Nedbank

"Thank you for your time and commitment to guide me through the journey of being coached. In this time with the pandemic, diving deep into consciousness and allowing me the freedom to talk through my feeling of being overwhelmed, helped me acknowledge that I am in control of my destiny and learning to stop craving for my so called perfection and just to accept the realities of life. My new freedom to choose and to allow myself to accept each day as an open diary and help me embrace the day fulfilling what is meant to be.

I have learnt to delegate and trust in people around me. I have learnt to create boundaries and most importantly I am grateful for the opportunities that are being created through contributing to consciousness.

Thank you again for holding the space….."

Misha Chana
Senior Financial Manager

"My experience with you as my Assessor has been invaluable. You created a safe space for me to share my coaching experience after each session that I had with my clients. You listened to me and were able to guide me on how I can improve my coaching skills.

You identified elements of my coaching style that were good and/or worked well and encouraged me to continue with these. You were able to identify areas that I can improve upon and gave valuable suggestions for me to consider in the future. You shared your knowledge, insight and coaching tips that have really supported my growth and assisted me to refine my craft (which is a continuous work in progress) .

I have grown immensely through our interactions and appreciate the support you provided me during this phase of my coaching and life journey."

Lebo Sikwebo Manager

"Christine has the ability to listen to what is NOT said. She has a well-developed skill to very quickly get to the bottom of what can be the root cause and her questioning techniques are really extremely well developed. Christine assisted me to become more aware, formulate questions in a far more advanced way and in the process she ensured that I could learn and experience numerous aspects at a higher level. She assisted me to work with silence, shorten my questions and in some cases change the way I explore further to secure increased insight. This was of utmost value for me. The mere fact that I had to be more aware of aspects such as measurements criteria regarding commitment setting and goal formulation assisted me greatly.

Christine, thank you for your involvement with me as student coach. I look up to you and appreciate every minute that you gave me to improve my ability to coach. I can recommend you to anyone as you are more than adequately equipped to add value to any individual and assist people to get more in action and to move to a next level!"

Niel Kritzinger

"Christine is practical and clear. She provides a non-judgmental space for exploring areas which may be sensitive or controversial. Working with Christine has stretched me to become a more confident individual. The internal impact has flowed out to my external relationships which is an all-round win. I would definitely recommend Christine for coaching."

Odette de Beer

"When I started on my journey earlier this year, as a student coach, I was extremely nervous and apprehensive. There were many requirements, which were all foreign and daunting to me.

Fortunately, I was assigned a professional coach. This person was you. We did not know each other, and in fact never met face to face. All our sessions were done telephonically, yet I felt we connected on a very sincere level. I very quickly felt that I could trust you. This helped tremendously as you demonstrated at a very practical level how effective coaching can be.

You inspired me to grow and become more confident in my own coaching sessions.Your methodology is practical, effective and easy to emulate. I felt motivated to fulfill each of the commitments I made. This will move me forward tremendously and for that I am grateful."

Ann Peters
Team Leader

"This serves to confirm that I received professional coaching sessions from Christine Steyn, founder of Dynamic Consciousness Coaching.

My overall experience was powerful and the thought provoking experience that I received have changed my life.

I found connections to my Whole which continue to carry my consciousness into creations of possibility.

Christine’s rapport and manner in each of our sessions were uplifting and motivating. She inspired me to think deeper and acknowledged my presence with each objective.

Thank you, Christine for the gift you have to my soul and for the coach you are."

Jill Marais

"Christine’s approach to coaching is nonintrusive and supporting. She has the ability to connect and have empathy. I look forward to every session I have with Christine, as she guides my thinking and problem solving with such finesse and care.

I trust Christine completely with my privacy and ideas.

I highly recommend Christine, her EQ is splendid and connecting with people is clearly not an obstacle for her.

Thank you, Christine!"

Elmarie Ingram

"Having worked with Christine in 2015, I am astounded at the level of maturity, insight, and expertise she holds in her capacity as a coach.

Christine has the great and possibly rare ability to truly listen to the client. Her ability to ‘un-earth’ the real issue/s via structured and simple layered questions has assisted me personally on a number of challenging situations throughout the year. Christine has an inviting and amiable personality - her true passion for people development reflects in all that she does as a coach.

Being coached by Christine, it becomes quickly evident that she enjoys her coaching and that she operates from the perspective of the true self."

Nedbank Client

"I was one of the Nedbank Employees who signed up to receive coaching and had the privilege to speak to Christine Steyn. Initially, I was never aware of this until my manager asked if we were willing to sign up and get involved in received coaching, it was not something I expected in the beginning as I had thought it was mostly centered on work matters until I got a chance to speak to Christine.

The first conversation I had with Christine felt like someone whom had already meet with me or rather someone who knows me on a personal level, she made it so easy to speak to her and be able to confide without feeling like I am being judged. The sessions were always centered on growing me and making me reach for goals and objectives I have been procrastinating. Not once has she made this about herself or lost her patience with me at all times she remained calm and made me feel in a relaxed environment so I could be able to converse with her.

In essence, I would say this experience was great as I learned a lot from Christine and Life Coaching as well. If I could recommend it I would do so as Christine made sure that even though we maybe not have met but I left there feeling like she understands all that I was going through at that time when I went for the coaching sessions with her."

Nedbank Client

"As a peer coach, Christine professionally navigated me through my issues, asking deep probing questions without being leading, but with a deep sense of understanding. Christine always allowed me as the client space to determine my desired outcome and had a unique ability to guide me into a creative space.

Christine is a great coach and is committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. I am beyond thrilled with the results that I achieved with Christine’s guidance, patience and support."

Nedbank client
"Christine's coaching style and insight into human behavior is a breath of fresh air. I gained immense value from Christine's sessions and these were in the areas of focus and managing key relationships in your business and personal life. I would highly recommend Dynamic Conscious Coaching as a fast track to achieving your goals."

Meena Desai

"Christine has provided priceless value to my team and myself through her regular coaching. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a coach who will create the positive, nurturing and common-sense space to support your personal and professional development."

Annelize Hartman
Owner, Nolte Hartman Financial Solutions

"I attended a full course of Consciousness Coaching while going through one of the worst and most negative periods of my life.

Christine was amazingly supportive, patient and inciteful as we progressed through the training. I found the course to be very interesting and a most positive experience, which I know has helped me to reach a new and much more positive frame of mind.

I would recommend this course as presented by Christine to anyone who would like to explore a completely new perspective of their life! Add a little discipline and embrace the techniques and you will find positive growth and success!"

John Silver
Owner JM and Sons Solar Solutions

"During my coaching sessions with Christine, she helped me to get over a lot of my stumbling blocks of starting a new business. She helped me to come up with solutions to my own problems, both in running a business and at home, by asking the right questions and letting me decide on what strategy would be the best to follow.

Christine's approach is different from most other business coaches, which I liked because I was not given a set of rules and statistics that work for other businesses but rather a way of thinking on how to improve my business that is unique to my circumstances.

I would definitely recommend anyone to work through at least the first set of coaching sessions with Christine - she changed my life!"

Deon Hartman
Owner Handy Oaks

"With the progression of our sessions, I began to realise what it was all about – using one’s mind to unlock the world! Working with Christine Steyn has been the utmost pleasure. She has pushed me above and beyond boundaries I never thought I would cross in my mind, without me even knowing it. She has encouraged me to think, she has motivated my abilities and she has made me believe in myself. My experience with her as my coach has been amazing – from the content of the sessions, to the way she has conveyed the content. I have taken in a wealth of valuable information and I have also grown exponentially since the start of our coaching sessions, and for that I will be eternally grateful. With her help and motivation, I was able to share my positivity with others, and so one person at a time make the world a better place… All thanks to Christine and her methods of coaching. She is absolutely awesome and there was never a session where I did not learn something. I will keep what she has taught me and how she as taught me, with me forever. She has helped me reach all my goals as per the Coaching agreement and created an awareness for the power of the mind."

"It was informal, warm, friendly, I felt at ease... Now I'm going to nail the contracts!"

Lizbe Naude Owner Skitterblink Kyalami

"What I liked most was the general knowledge of sales and the manner in which we were taught.... How you can push yourself in life and find the true potential of yourself....It met all that I was expecting and it energized me..... Excellent job!"

Sales, Postnet

"I got to meet new people, all the answers that I was looking for...How I could be smart in business, how to handle objections because I struggle with it....I learned how to set goals and value them.... It motivated me... I learned how to put negative people and thoughts aside and focus on the positive......Life is not a destination, its a journey."

Sales, Postnet

"So informative, they were willing to answer any question and provide a solution...The friendly atmosphere, the tools I have gained to deal with people....The motivation and confidence - less fear ... I have now got this!...I've learned how to take what I have to offer and place it in the clients' back pocket."

Chanel Vos
LVD Brand Brilliance
"Journaling is a fantastic tool to use to get clarity on situations, experiences or emotions that feel muddy. And people who journal tend to get the answers or breakthroughs that they are searching for much faster."

Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder of BNI and NY Times Bestselling Author
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"Easy Read!

I found out about this book when I met the author. After chatting, I knew that I wanted to get her book. It hasn't disappointed me. I keep it beside my chair so that I can pick it up in the evening and open to whatever page the universe chooses! It never fails me. I also find meaning and can usually say, "Oh yeah, that would have been helpful to know today or a couple days ago or whenever." Christine has put all she learned in her almost two decades of working in the financial and banking world into this book. It's a bargain for all it returns.

Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2020"

Debby Peters, Connext Nation
Author of "Tell Me Exactly What to Say"
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